Warpinverter Build

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Posted: 12:09pm 21 Sep 2022      

These caps have an ESR of 9mOhms. I would have though the low switching speed that the Warpinverter operates at would mean the ESR of the caps is not that important?

Klaus if you could keep your fingers crossed that would be appreciated!  I think owning a DSO will mean I have a good chance of seeing issues before I do full on load testing.

I was wondering if you left it all running while you were away. Did it make you nervous leaving it unattended or you have had it running long enough to feel comfortable?

Not sure why I said imperial, they are UNF threads (10-32). Trying to find that on the data sheet wasn't very easy! I went past The Reject Shop today and picked up some chopping boards which I will CNC to make the support structure for the capacitors. I have been thinking about a discharge method, that amount of capacitance makes me nervous.That reminds me when I did my apprenticeship repairing cameras and photographic equipment I would hook up a normal light globe across the capacitors in flash packs and studio flashes as I liked the visual indicator of seeing it discharge, while my boss used a resistor and you would often hear him getting a shock and then swearing.
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