Warpinverter Build

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Posted: 08:08am 01 Jun 2023      

Paul, I set my fan control (independent type) to come on at 55 degrees and turn off at 50 degrees at the heat sink.
Only came on once or twice on a 40+ degree day in Summer and always cycled off.
I do not have a steady 5KW load, perhaps half that, when the reverse cycle aicon is on.

Re the AC line filters, they are rated for 3KW at most. The sealed box type is rated 7A so you need 3 in parallel (I use a single 20A rated one).
I played with the larger alu box filter (has PCB on bottom), I think its under rated for 5KW. Tried it but saw no difference at the wave form.

Remember, the warpverter has a different way to generate the sine wave, no 20KHz hash.