Warpinverter Build

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Posted: 04:33am 08 Jun 2023      

  rogerdw said  

Now I've had a closer look on my pc and am wondering what the small pcb is on the cap steady board (in the first photo)? I originally thought it was the control board but it looks different and you say you're going to fit that above.

It looks like the control board I designed, I gave Paul a blank board. I did not like the tiny computer generated tracks on Tony's control PCB, on mine its possible to unsolder things without wrecking the pads

Nice job Paul, you are getting there. You might consider that test circuit I posted a while ago (it's a modified version of the board I gave you). It lets you power it up with the capacitors and see if the lights flash correctly at each of the 4 drivers & mosfets.
After that is correct, it's only the transformer secondary phasing that needs sorting.