Is the Color Maximite 2 Dead?

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Posted: 05:26pm 19 Sep 2022      

Hi Bill,

I think that most (and it was only ever a handful) of the retro-computing fans who the CMM2 brought into the shed (probably via the 8-Bit Guy's video) have now wandered out again - retro computing, especially with non-real retro gear (or emulation/reproduction thereof) is a fickle hobby. That leaves mostly the electronics grognards and some new PicoMite adoptees and they don't play a lot of "games" by all accounts. We also seem to have (mostly) lost our stand-out games developer (Mauro) and our archivist (Jiri).

That said 4 out of 5 of the entries to the "MMBasic Programming Challenge 2022" were for the Colour Maximite 2, and most CMM2 stuff should also work on MMBasic for Windows; if more people were kicking then perhaps Peter could be persuaded to try and iron out the last few MMBasic for Windows vs. CMM2 inconsistencies.

> Mainly, I hate to think that all the apps I have written are for a dead system.

I believe 80% of what you've written should be relatively easily convertible to the PicoMite VGA, but honestly that is just transferring from one niche system to another. If you aren't doing it for yourself, then alas it probably isn't worth doing.

I wish I had a more positive outlook on this.

Best wishes,