Is the Color Maximite 2 Dead?

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Posted: 10:36pm 19 Sep 2022      

  Nimue said  Now if I could link Windows MMBasic direct to the PicoMite (Click here to send to PicoMite) - that would be Golden

There are ways to do this. Considering that MMBasic Windows can act like a user typing at the ">" prompt, you could write an MMBWin program which prompted for the name of a basic program to be sent to the PicoMite.

The PicoMite would have to have OPTION SERIAL CONSOLE uartapin, uartbpin. These pins would be connected to a USB/Serial module on the PC.

When you have the file name (and maybe have confirmed validity), you send via serial Ctrl-C--CHR$(3)--and pause a second or two to allow any running program to break, send "AUTOSAVE"+CHR$(10), read and send the program, and terminate by sending Ctrl-Q -- CHR$(17).  Then send "RUN"+CHR$(10). (I think Linefeed -- CHR$(10) -- is the correct end-of-line character, but maybe carriage return -- CHR$(13).)

Not tested, but I think this should work--perhaps with fiddling.