Picomite/PicoMiteVGA V5.07.05 release candidates

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  matherp said  This is the code for the text issue - something Geoff has put in the MM+ and I've just copied
   while(*str) {
       if(*str == 0xff) {
//            fc = rgb(0, 0, 255);                                // this is specially for GUI FORMATBOX
           GUIPrintChar(fnt, bc, fc, *str++, jo);
       } else
           GUIPrintChar(fnt, fc, bc, *str++, jo);

Right, so there is a "hack" for character 255 in the 'mite code which is why it doesn't behave - I don't suppose @Geoff will notice and comment. Looking at the MMB4W code that hack does not exist there (Draw.cpp#748-749) which is why it worked when I originally developed the code in question (on MMB4W).

  matherp said  
Mode 7:For i=1 To 10:Text i*Mm.Info(FontWidth),"A","CT",1,1:Next

This is missing the Y coordinate

Transcription error, what I meant was:

Mode 7:For i=1 To 10:Text i*Mm.Info(FontWidth),100,"A","CT",1,1:Next

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