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The default font after switching to mode 2 in a program is 7 (8x6).
HOWEVER when you go back to the command line the system automatically defaults to the "default font" as set by OPTION DEFAULT MODE (1 or 7) unless overridden by OPTION LCDPANEL CONSOLE font.

So, if you go "MODE 2:?MM.FONTHEIGHT" you will get 8.
However, if you do this as two lines you will get whatever has been set in the the most recent of OPTION DEFAULT MODE or OPTION LCDPANEL command

The idea of this is so you can set the font for the command prompt and either operate with a small font in mode 2 if you wish (gives colour editing), or use a bigger font as the default in mode 1 to help with accessibility issues

OPTION DEFAULT MODE 2 ' defaults command line font to 7
OPTION LCDPANEL CONSOLE 8 'make it really small (6x4)

Mode 2, font 8, 80 chars wide

I know this is somewhat odd/difficult but it is what it is

Missing from the VGA manual

OPTION DEFAULT MODE n (NB permanent option)
N can be 1 or 2. This sets the default display mode on boot. Setting the mode to 1 will give a 640x480 monochrome display and the default font will be set to 1 (12x8). Setting n to 2 will give a 320x240 colour display and the default font will be set to 7 (8x6)

OPTION LCDPANEL CONSOLE [ fnt] [, foreground] [, background] (NB permanent option)
Turns on console output to the VGA screen and optionally set the default font and the foreground and background colours

OPTION LCDPANEL NOCONSOLE (NB tick in manual should be in square brackets)

If used in a program this is a temporary option (useful for debugging with a USB/serial console) and disables PRINT output to the VGA display. Graphics commands will continue to work.
If used at the command prompt this option is permanent, both print output and console output will be disabled and only graphics commands will output to the VGA screen
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