Picomite/PicoMiteVGA V5.07.05 release candidates

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Posted: 03:58am 26 Sep 2022      

  Volhout said  The 24bit BMP files are huge, and especially if you are using only 8 or 16 colors the JPG's should be significantly smaller.

Agreed, and further to Peter saying this is a non-starter, with the capacity of modern SD cards, even GIGANTIC bitmap image files should not really pose a problem due to the capacity of modern SD cards.

Could be an issue, if you were using some old tiny capacity cards like I am for one project(just cos I have them and don't NEED lots of space), but in that case, you would simply have to use a larger capacity card if you need to support large sized BMP images.

AFAIK, none of the MMBASIC ports to any hardware, have supported anything other then BMP.  I may be wrong on that, but I don't recall seeing in any of the manuals for the likes of the MM+ series or the ARMmite, that JPG or GIF formats were supported.  Standard uncompressed BMP image data is easy to use I guess, as you don't need any kind of image CODEC.