Picomite/PicoMiteVGA V5.07.05 release candidates

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Posted: 05:55pm 29 Sep 2022      

Hi Peter,

XMODEM may be borked.

Demonstrated with PicoMiteVGA + TeraTerm on Windows 10
(but originally seen with PicoMiteVGA + MMB4L as the XMODEM sender)

  1. Start TeraTerm, connect to PicoMiteVGA
  2. On the PicoMiteVGA: XMODEM RECEIVE "lazer-cycle.bas"
  3. From TeraTerm: [Transfer->XMODEM->Send...] "lazer-cycle.bas"
  4. On the PicoMiteVGA: RUN "lazer-cycle.bas"
     - don't look too closely it's not cooked yet.
  5. On the PicoMiteVGA: CTRL-C
  6. On the PicoMiteVGA: XMODEM RECEIVE "lazer-cycle.bas"
  7. From TeraTerm: [Transfer->XMODEM->Send...] "lazer-cycle.bas"
  8. The transfer hangs without getting past the first 512 bytes.

I think you need to be sending a reasonably large program, and I suppose it is possible that "lazer-cycle.bas" is doing something that breaks it, but what could that be ?

I think this may have been working in one of the late betas, but it is possible that something in "lazer-cycle.bas" has changed since then, it has certainly got bigger.


Apologies that I won't be available to answer any follow-up questions this evening.

Best wishes,