Picomite/PicoMiteVGA V5.07.05 release candidates

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Posted: 10:33pm 29 Sep 2022      

  TassyJim said  Tom,
I have used the XMODEM command a lot in all devices. It is a long time since there has been any problem.

Hi Jim. Yes, I was a bit surprised myself. I first saw this when SENDing from MMB4L so naturally thought it was me, however since reproduced with Tera Term.

  TassyJim said  I don't have a picomiteVGA with sdcard so can't run it there.
I tried on my CMM2G2 and had an error HIGHSCORE_FILENAME$ not declared so didn't get very far.

Yes, it's not quite cooked yet and I haven't run it up on the CMM2 for some time; the PicoMiteVGA is for me a more interesting target.

  TassyJim said   notice that you change OPTION BREAK and do not restore it in your break-handler. I don't think that matters but...

I wonder if that's it? The timeline would fit, the appearance of this problem and adding the break-handling code are both events of the last week. I will check first thing in the morning.

Peter, this reminds me, should the PicoMiteVGA not automatically do the equivalent of a PLAY STOP on a break or error, the CMM2 does?

Thanks, Tom