Picomite/PicoMiteVGA V5.07.05 release candidates

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Hi Rick,

Not really needed
The servo command is the same as the PWM command

Assume you want to set an angle between 0 and 180 degrees (90 is centre position)
then use:

PWM x,50,5+angle/36

See below code as an example:

servo signals range from 1ms (5%) to 2 ms (10%) on 20ms frame rate

'set up the PWM for 2 servo's
setpin gp2,pwm1a
setpin gp3,pwm1b

'start the PWM's in mid position
PWM 1,50,7.5,7.5

'vary the angle
 for angle=0 to 180 step 10 '90 degrees is mid position
 pause 100
 pwmval=5 + angle/36
 PWM 1,50,pwmval,pwmval

sweeps 2 servo's from left to right.

Make sure you have sufficient 5V power for the servo's. The USB is not sufficient !!!