Z80 Emulator...in a matchbox (6809 as well, apparently)

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Had one for a few years. Never plugged it in, had forgotten what it was for.


I still make them to order (February 2017)

Current pricing (Feb 2017) - subject to change

   RamBlade US$30.00
   microSD Card Optional US$9.00 (SanDisk 8GB with my OS and ZiCog + CPM2.2 installed)
   Shipping US$4.00 unregistered post

Anyone interested should email me cluso -at- clusos.com

RamBlade is a double sided SMT pcb designed to run my OS and ZiCog/CPM/PropDos/Catalina/SphinxOS programs using the on-board 512Kx8 SRAM.

(Guess I should state it is essentially the best bits of the TriBlade Prop#2 which we are using for ZiCog)

RamBlade Specifications· (Rev.A)

   PCB is 1.9"x1.2" (48x30.5mm) SMT (surface mount)
   Propeller·-·designed for overclocking (104MHz/108MHz/114MHz/120MHz???)
   SRAM 512Kx8 55nS (optimised for speed - no latches)
   microSD socket (optional 1GB/2GB/8GB microSD card with ZiCog/CPM2.2 loaded)
   AT24C512 (64Kx8) EEPROM is fitted which is disabled after boot plus seperate write enable link
   Designed to run
       ZiCog & CPM (Z80 emulation)
       MoCog (6809 emulation)
       My Prop OS
       Catalina C
       Sphinx compiler (on the RamBlade)
       other Propeller hosted operating systems requiring external RAM
   Multipurpose 2x12 0.1" interface connections
       Designed to plug into·
           Prop ProtoBoard (USB or non-USB)
           Prop DemoBoard
           SpinStudio board
           other micro based processor boards (prop or other micros)
           Digilent RS232 converter· ·http://digilentinc.com/Products/Detail.cfm?NavPath=2,401,463&Prod=PMOD-RS232
       Uses·4·pins·for the interface 3V3,GND,SO,SI
           2 to communicate serially to the RamBlade (no resistor protection)
           1 each for 3V3 and GND
           optional onboard 3V3 voltage regulator
       Uses 4·pins·for optional PropPlug connection for re-programming
           Alternately can be connected to the·ProtoBoard·to allow·re-programming and/or resetting from the·ProtoBoard
   Available assembled