Z80 Emulator...in a matchbox (6809 as well, apparently)

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Posted: 08:02am 25 Sep 2022      

The slimline version on the left weighs in at 41mm x 50mm. This is built to the same circuit.

The flyweight, minimum version on the right is only 29mm x 39mm. All the non-essentials have been stripped off and power/console is only via USB. The Pico is a standard one, but the bottom end has been sawn off as not all GPIO pins are needed here. The LED and SOUND pins are the same, but the SOUND pins are also on the GPIO connector. GP0 and GP1, the serial terminal pins, could possibly still be used with a bit more messing about. The excess pin length on the SOUND connector, poking through the board, will almost certainly have to be carefully cut down as the uSD card holder has the metalwork immediately underneath them. Some insulation would be in order here. Still not as small as the Pimorini board, but a lot cheaper. :)

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