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yesterday I build the VGA PicoMite from the Silicon Chip Kit. So there is an SD-Card, VGA and PS/2 connector. Everything works well.

As early microcomputers like the TRS-80 this setup does not have a RTC on board and I had to set the time$ and date$ manually.

I could add an RTC module, but I want to keep the PicoMite as simple as possible.

The idea is to autorun some code to set time$ and date$ at boot. The only mechanism I found in the handbook was to use some mm.startup sub which has to be in the flash somewhere when the pico boots.

I wrote 2 files: autorun.bas and mmstartup.bas and stored them on the sd-card.

In autorun.bas are all commands I want to execute at startup and in mmstartup.bas is the definition of sub mm.startup which calls autorun.bas.

I placed the mmstartup.bas into flash 1 to load it at the end of the day with a flash load 1 and then switching off the VGA PicoMite. At the next boot the Sub will be in memory and found by the firmware.

If someone knows a better way (like CMM2) I would be glad to hear! I think taking care of some mm.startup sub every time I switch off the picomite is not very elegant.
May be I simply don't understand how the "autostart" should work normally?!

' mmstartup.bas - prepare next boot
' (2022) Andreas Mueller, Gerolsbach
Sub mm.startup
 Run "autorun.bas"
End Sub

' autorun.bas
' startup program - will be started when picomite boots
' (2022) Andreas Mueller, Gerolsbach

Dim T$,D$ As String = ""

 Input "Time: (hh:mm:ss)"; T$
 On error skip 1
 Time$ = T$
Loop Until MM.Errno = 0

 Input "Date: (dd-mm-yyyy)"; D$
 On error skip 1
 Date$ = D$
Loop Until MM.Errno = 0

Run "mmstartup.bas" ' restore mm.startup sub

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