PicoMite and autorun.bas

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  Mixtel90 said  To run a PicoMite program automatically from flash it's very easy. Write your program. Use FLASH SAVE n to store it into flash slot n. Run OPTION AUTORUN n where n is the number of the flash slot. That's it. On boot the program in flash slot n will run.

thank you! just a few seconds before you wrote it i found it this way:

pdfgrep -in auto PicoMiteVGA_User_Manual.pdf | grep -i run

14:In addition the command OPTION AUTORUN can be used to specify a flash program location to be set
14:location and in that case MMBasic will automatically load and run the program that is in the program memory.
47: MM.INFO$(AUTORUN)               Returns the setting of the OPTION AUTORUN command
48:                           will run. “option” can be one of AUTORUN, BASE, BREAK,
49:                                             MMBasic to automatically run a program on power up or
49:OPTION AUTORUN n                      ON will cause the the current program to be run.
49:                                      OFF will disable the autorun option and is the default for a new program.
53:AUTOSAVE CRUNCH                     This mode is terminated by entering Control-Z or F1 which will then cause
57:                              If OPTION AUTORUN has been set the program in the specified flash
61:                               One of these flash memory locations can be automatically loaded and run
61:                               when power is applied using the OPTION AUTORUN n command.
85:                          stopped running) the PicoMiteVGA will be automatically restarted and the
85:                          false (i.e. 0). Note that OPTION AUTORUN must be specified for the