PicoMite and autorun.bas

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Posted: 02:23pm 22 Sep 2022      

  pwillard said  I was under the impression that you can't specify a FILENAME unless you were using an SDCARD with actual files on it, not flash.  

With the Flash option,  you would need to use Flash Chain X where X is the FLASH SLOT number where your program code is stored.

Correct me if I'm wrong...   this is all still rather new.

Note: I've also had a situation where SUB MM.STARTUP didn't always seem to run (at least that was my perception a few weeks back but that might have been a coding error on my part -- a common occurance)

Yes, I'm using the sd-card as filestore.

My current solution is based on "autorun.bas" on sd-card and the SUB mm.startup in flash 1. After OPTION AUTORUN 1 the mm.startup sub will call the autorun.bas.

This way I have only to think about the content of "autorun.bas". I can switch on and off without thinking about the current state of the system - it will always call autorun.bas.

The only thing I have to prevent is to change flash 1 which is the caller.