CMM2 vs. PicoMite 2 Mio For-Next-Benchmark

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Posted: 06:56am 26 Sep 2022      

For decades, I have been using a high-end industrial controller (read:expensive) which consists of a real-time back-end and an extemely crude BASIC-like interpreter on the front-end.

This interpreter has one data-type which is float. A literal string can be produced using a 2-character mnemonic MG"Hello World" (MG = message).

I have been able to achieve all I need with this language and I never wondered about execution speed because it's never been a concern.
I spent yesterday going through their documentation and the same for other similar high-end products and heck, PMBasic totally blows them out of the water. Turns out that the product I was using ten years ago which I regarded as stupidly fast, has a command execution time of 400uS  
Then I moved-on to a newer model that boasted "10 times faster"...40uS...What's that, a MMBasic PIC32MX170 @40MHz?  
Their flagship is 11uS and that would cost me close to 4K

Another big-name alternative ($4.4K Used on eBay) cautions about the limitations of their 32bits and single precision. Also runs @ ~25,000 lines/sec.

MMBasic just totally freaking ROCKS!!!