ILI9488 MISO Fault Question

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Posted: 10:53pm 30 Nov 2022      

"It seems this display is annoying compared to ili9341 from all the ways to get it working so not just me"

I think you have got the wrong idea. That there are so many ways to overcome the issue shows that it is easy to fix.

Everyone finds that just adding one 680R resistor fixes touch and for most it also fixes SD access.

Get touch working first with the 680R and then test SD. If SD won't go or is unreliable try any of the other fixes. I have tested them all and they all work on my ILI9488.

Repeating what Peter just wrote, The ONLY thing connected to SDO (in your photo its SDO(MISO)) is the 680R. T_DO and SD_DO go directly to the Pico MISO pin GP16.

This is a simple way to eliminate the possibility of connection problems.
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