Hybridization of a big standard diesel car

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Not sure how much you would save but it should be easy to at least try.
Have an old Magna and the Voltage Regulator crapped (Every few years) due to heat as it sits in a hot spot near the exhaust manifold and behind the radiator.
As it was cooking the battery all the time and use more fuel doing it, we used the wire that turned on the the regulator and put a relay on that wire and run another wire inside to a switch (wired to ignition power wire) to turn the regulator on or off, done that for years until the new regulator was made with heatsink and cooling fins.
So in this case turning off the alternator was helpful.

For a long time we left the alternator off, the car battery was left charged from a solar panel in the carport, a short round trip of 70km get home then plug the solar panel back in, and it can sit charged for a week or 2.
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