Hybridization of a big standard diesel car

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Posted: 11:02am 10 Oct 2022      

That could be the next phase i suppose, but is a bit more involved engineering wise and would be difficult to do without taking the vehicle off the road for too long,  as i need it for work, Whereas having a battery and some electronics connecting to the back of the alternator is much easier. That's my thinking anyway.

My primary motivation for this is environment(although saving a bit would be nice too), as the car represents the largest carbon emission part of my life at the moment.
Having said that, if there was a source of WVO handy i would be very keen to exploit it - but i think there are enough folks using it here already that I'd be lucky to fine someone who'd sell it to me at a reasonable price.

I've just had delivered a few 2nd hand VW lifepo packs; 44v (12s), approx 1.1kWh. I don't need a whole pack for this hybrid conversion,  but the rest will be going into a new stationary battery for the house (i seem to remember promoting lead acid on here recently, but i got these at a price that deep cycle lead acid just couldn't compete with).