Hybridization of a big standard diesel car

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Posted: 09:30am 02 Aug 2023      

Belts are friction and require energy to make it move.
Weight requires and energy to make it move.
So removing alternator, reducing friction and weight, requires that extra battery, adding the weight back on. But with a good lithium battery, this could be a step forward.

In my EV's, this is how they work. No Alternator.
EV Hilux has a 100Ah lithium 12v battery
T-Rev has a 40Ah lithium 12v battery.
Both are powered by a DCDC from the main pack which is plugged in to charge.
My main pack is plugged in from my house solar or can be plugged in to single phase wall outlet or public charging Type 2 (which is 3 phase)

However, since you don't have a main pack, you could have the solar panel on you car, but be aware that extra wind resistance will also require energy to make it move. This would also require the car to be parked in the sun.

Experiment is how to find out the answers to your questions. I don't wish to deter you from your experiment. Please post your results!