Hybridization of a big standard diesel car

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Posted: 11:43pm 02 Aug 2023      

Hi Trev,
I still haven't progressed this very far.

I have been logging my current mpg - generally between 50 and 55mpg - in order to have something to compare to, and i have a 6 cell 25ah LiMnCo battery.

Current plan is to use a buck converter (probably a slightly modified Poidas 45A MPPT) set to slightly over alternator voltage to unload the alt, under acceleration/cruise,  and a boost converter to recharge the li pack when decelerating - intially under manual switched control (i live in an area of large hills, so may be engine braking for 2 - 3 miles, then motoring for another 3, etc.

When i get results i do intend to post them.