I2C  SSD1306 0.9" LCD

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Posted: 01:57pm 24 Oct 2022      

Thank you for your help again.

This File Transfer is sill unclear.
I can press F11 or F12 and the Teraterm answers
XMODEM Receive or XMODEM Send, but how I can send or receive?

I have used this XMODEM about 40 years again, but then we had the receive end and the transmitter end by a modem.

If I try to use Teraterm, it already in use, how I can take other connection?
When I try to use other Teraterm, the com-port is already in use.

I have still some problem in my I2C LCD.
Measure by oscilloscope the I2C signals, I see 8 pulses in the SCL wire and  one bigger down pulse sat start and then two smaller pulses at end of I2C command.

The test doesn't show any I2C address.

But now when I run with 10ms all the test, I got half of Hello, so the upper part of this word.  
I try to write test to other pats, but all words come only upper part.
Anyway this is a great improvement.