I2C  SSD1306 0.9" LCD

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That you can get something on the LCD is good news, though why the address scanner doesn't show anything is a puzzle.
Edit. Just noticed you have a typo in your picture of the scanner
  addr = y*16+1            
should be
  addr = y*16+x               ' calc address

I don't know why only part of the screen is working. Post a question on the Microcontrollers and PC Projects Forum page. More people with more knowledge will see it there.

Note @Grogster's comment
"There are two commands you can use - OPTION LCDPANEL SSD1306I2C for the 128*64 resolution, or OPTION LCDPANEL SSD1306I2C32 for the 128*32 resolution."

"This File Transfer is sill unclear.
I can press F11 or F12 and the Teraterm answers
XMODEM Receive or XMODEM Send, but how I can send or receive?"

You only need to start TeraTerm once. It is the communication link between XMODEM in the Pico firmware and XMODEM on the PC.

F11 and F12 only start XMODEM in the firmware at the Pico end, to start XMODEM on the  computer end use the mouse to click on "File" at the top left corner of the TeraTerm window use the opposite function (Send at one end, receive at the other).

Press F11 for Xmodem Receive on the Pico
For XMODEM Send on the PC
Mouse click
File > Transfer > XMODEM > Send
Then choose your program

Press F12 for Xmodem Send on the Pico
For XMODEM Receive on the PC
Mouse click
File > Transfer > XMODEM > Receive
Then type a name for it and click save.

Another way to transfer to the Pico is with AUTOSAVE. Copy the text of your program from your editor to the clipboard (eg Notepad - Ctrl-A Ctrl-C) then in TeraTerm press F10, AUTOSAVE will start. Click the right mouse button then OK. To terminate the transfer press Ctrl-Z. You should then see "Saved 3667 bytes" or similar.

To copy from the Pico to your editor in TeraTerm press F3 to LIST your program, use the mouse to highlight all the text then press Alt-C. In your editor press Ctrl-V.
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