I2C  SSD1306 0.9" LCD

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"So I have to press F12, paste the list by pressing mouse the copy area and take the copy area to Notepad in PC. Was this right?"

No, XMODEM and Copy / Paste are two different methods of transferring a program, there is also the one described above by TassyJim.

"To save your program to the PC with TeraTerm
start a capture in TeraTerm, (File > Log...)


end capture in TeraTerm and you have your program saved.."

"I have still problem using NTC (10k to 3.3V and NTC to ground)"

Perhaps your thermistor is 100k? I only used 10k as an example.

Measure it's resistance when it is at about 25 deg. C with a multimeter. Choose a resistor with a similar value to that reading.

Eg if the thermistor is 4.9k at 22 C then a 4.7k resistor will be close enough.
Once you know the two values put them in the program.