I2C  SSD1306 0.9" LCD

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Now I found a right save part of Teraterm.
I have tried to send a file from PC to TeraTerm, but not yet find.
Thank you.
I have used my 10k NTC measurement parts about 10 years, but in CCS c-language.
I works perfectly.
Now I found a problem in Log(Stainhart) part.
It seems not working at all.
I looked manual,but I cant find log function at all.

Here is my program. I use 10k NTC and it has BCoefficient 4000, 25C is nominal temperature
SetPin 31, AIN
ADCx = Pin(31)
I= (3.322-adcx)/10000
Resistance =Adcx/I
Stainhart= Resistance/10000
Stanhart = Log(Stainhart)
Stainhart = Stainhart /4000
Stainhart = Stainhart +1/(25+273.15)
Stainhart = Stainhart-273.15
But log function doesn't seems to work
Stainhart = 273.15. I should be about 20C