I2C  SSD1306 0.9" LCD

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You right, I was searching LOG10 MATH(LOG10 x), but it was right LOG(x=
'Pico Pi NTC10k resitor to 3.3V is 10k, NTC has Bcoefficient 4000, using adc0 in pin31

Option explicit
Dim ADCX As float
Dim stainhart As float
Dim Res As float
Dim I As float
SetPin 31,Ain
ADCX= Pin(31)
Stainhart = RES/10000
Stainhart=LOG (Stainhart)
Print "Math(log10",  Stainhart
Stainhart =Stainhart/4000
Print "Stainhart/4000", Stainhart
Stainhart = Stainhart + 1/(25+273.15)
Print "Stainhart + 1/(25+273)" ,Stainhart
Stainhart = 1/Stainhart
Print "1/Stainhart",Stainhart
Stainhart =Stainhart - 273.15
Print "Temp=", Stainhart,"C"  
This gives 22.4898C
I found also how to upload a PC file to Teraterm
When the Edit is off, write in Teraterm: Xmodem Receive
The look in Teraterm File/Tansfer/Xmodem/Send
Then select file with PC, which should to send the TeraTerm
I have to search SSD1306 ( it is 0.9" height) LCD.
Why it works only half?