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Ha! That does look like a link, but it's actually the name of the product Here 3 & Here+ RTK Base (M8P) Combo.


DISCLAIMER I've never actually used one of those GPS units, it's on my wishlist to replace the $20 chinese one I've got on my little plane at the moment, but I still crash to often to put that sort of money on it. You'll want to do a bit of reasearch and make sure you're getting suitable and compatible gear before buying.

A lot of the autopilots on the market are super expensive because they're made for expensive drones so they have redundant co-proccessors and sensors. If you go on Aliexpress and look for Pixhawk there are a lot cheaper ones that should (I think) be plug and play with that GPS.

Another trap for new players that got me is some of the cheaper autopilot hardware is based off an older proccessor and has a ceiling on the firmware version it can run. Although given you're using it for a mower you probably don't need LIDAR assisted landing for example so an older version might not be an issue.