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Posted: 09:04am 06 Dec 2022      

After a few failed tests with the GPS modules, and a lot of research, I bought a ArduSimple RTK2B-F9P development module for about $400.

I found out there was a RTK CORS service about 15km away, meaning I only need one module, I can use the CORS service as the base station. The CORS service is free, you just need to set up a free membership.

The ArduSimple module arrived today. I plugged in a good GPS antenna ( the crap you pick up at clearing sales ), and used the program u-center to chat to the module via USB. Set up the CORS log in information, selected the local base station, and I got a RTK solution in about 30 seconds. That narrowed my position down to about 20cm. A few seconds later I got a lock on the carrier wave, which improved accuracy to less than 2cm. Pretty happy with that.

Next its a lot more research and testing. I'm hoping to use a ESP32 as the rovers flight computer, and I have a Pi on the network which I'll use to connect to the CORS and only send the correction data via wifi to the rover's ESP32.

BIG learning curve.