CMM2: Picture Puzzles

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Picture Puzzles for Color Maximite 2
Four programs are included.  Two programs are controlled via the keyboard and
the other two use the Wii Controller.  Two programs display 256 1024x768 puzzles
while the other two display 86 768x768 puzzles.
There are five sizes of puzzle pieces ranging from 12 pieces to thousands of pieces.
One selects which puzzle to load or select a random puzzle.  The pieces always have
a square shape.  Pieces can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise or 180 degrees.
Two pieces can be swapped.  One can view the completed puzzle and then go back to the work in progress puzzle.  There is an option to hide/view the cursor.  The program is split into three parts on github.  Use 7-Zip Extract Here on the first of the three parts.