Scrolling Maze

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Posted: 07:03am 23 Nov 2022      

Here are two screenshots from an upcoming Color Maximite 2 game called Scrolling Maze.
So far the game is functioning for mazes up to 199 by 99 characters.  Am attempting to
allow for mazes up to 1201 by 1001 characters.  There are two programs.  One is keyboard
controlled, while the other is Wii Controller controlled.  The user selects the starting
size of the maze and one of eight resolution modes.  One must find the key to unlock
the door that leads down to the next lower level maze which gets a little larger than the
previous level.  There are six types of treasures to collect along the way with various
score values.  There are mp3 sound effects for collecting a treasure, collecting a key,
and unlocking the door.  A Framebuffer is utilized as well as transparent text.