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I vaguely remembered the 0.25 - 0.3 figure from figures published many years ago, I think it was data from a trial of cars with a USA metropolitan/city cycle when CO2 wasn't important.  Late nineties maybe??

Anyway I thought I would see how the CO2 figure measures up.
My electricity bill cites about 0.8 kG CO2 created per kWHour via fossil fuel generators. So at 20 kWHour/100k  that leads to about 16 kG CO2 / 100 k for an EV.
That doesn't include any charge/discharge inefficiency.

To create 16 kg CO2 from diesel needs about  16 x 12/44 carbon = 4.36 kg.
Diesel is about 90% carbon by weight so that brings it about 4.8 kg diesel, at a density of 0.85 kg/litre that brings it to  5.7 litres/100 k.

So a good diesel car outside the city is actually less polluting than a moderate fossil fuel-charged EV.
That is quite a sobering thought. Of course, it is necessary long term to switch to  solar/wind sourcing,  but most people are still buying fossil fuel power.

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