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  Godoh said  Hi Jim, do you know if there are any all wheel drive electric cars about. I live in Tassie too but high on a mountain where we get ice and snow on the road a lot.


I spent 9 years at Tarraleah (Brady's Lake) so I know about snow and black ice etc.
I once spent a cold night sleeping in my Porsche when I underestimated the depth of the snow drifts when going across the top from Launceston to home. Should have taken the long way around or the 4WD for that trip.

Many manufactures produce a range of models.
Single engine front or rear wheel drive (My MG is front WD but the MG4 will be rear WD).
Then they chuck in a bigger battery for a long range version.
And then a second motor for all wheel drive.
The price goes up accordingly.

I had been considering going electric for a long time including converting my 1998 MGF but hadn't got around to it.
After a health scare last October I was reminded that life doesn't wait.
My wife liked the colour of the light blue MG used in all their adverts so we went to Launceston for a look. None in stock and not able to source the light blue. The wife said I could get the red one which was available but I knew it wouldn't be wise.

I went looking on the mainland, going through the listing of dealers.
I eventually got to M and Mornington MG had a light blue one listed. That was between Christmas and New Year. By then the doctors had allowed me to drive again so the timing was perfect.
The dealer quoted a price including delivery which was acceptable and after I had registered it the price was slightly less than the local quote for the red one.

It was two weeks form paying for it to having the delivery truck arrive at our front gate. Registered that same day and we haven't looked back.
The electric replaces the old MG so we still have the Subaru for long trips and towing the trailer to Bunnings or the tip.

In the 12 months since then, the available vehicles in Australia (with a long wait for delivery) have increased a lot and long range, 4WD and towing capacity are all there in the mix.

But MG are no longer available in the nice blue...