typical kWHour/km

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A couple of other links that can provide some insight in EV power consumption



There are a lot of variables that determine consumption and range.
The type of vehicle.
Weight, every kg requires an energy to move it. Towing is like double consumption.
Aerodynamics, Wind, headwind or tail wind. Wind resistance is a friction.
Therefore speed makes a huge difference. Consumption is exponential with speed.
Drive train, 2wd more efficient than 4wd, but front 2wd is better than rear 2wd, Hub drive better than 2wd. Every bit of friction requires energy.
Road surface - friction
The type of tyres and how tight they a pumped - friction
Terrain, up or down hill, gravity sucks! But thank God it does.
And surprisingly (or not), temperature. I have heard from other EV'ers, cold temperature, less range/more consumption. I didn't notice on my Canberra trip, but the numbers are logged in the link above.

At many EV shows, I see consumption figures of commercial EV's. One of them once, posted expected range, so I asked the battery size and clearly the numbers didn't add up. I pushed and twisted the questions and eventually got that the expected range was at 60km/hr in ideal conditions. Be careful with poor advertising.