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ok, with the AEVA Canberra trip. I had the interest to see if the cold made much difference.

From home, Kuttabul, Qld to Carmilla, 139km and used 59% of battery. Speed at 80km/hr. Chargefox recorded 19.58kWh going back in. This makes 14.09kWh per 100km at 80km/hr.
It was a pleasant 19 degrees C in our open bedroom windows when I left.

From Goulburn to Canberra, colder weather, 91km and used 40% of the battery. Speed is likely to be slightly higher than 80km/hr going by the distance and time taken, but probably similar. No recorded kWh going back in, so calculating .... 19.58kWh/59% of battery x 40% of battery = 13.27kWh/91km x 100km = 14.6kWh per 100km. So it could be said, 1/2 a kWh more in the cold per 100km. (Maybe?)

For the Canberra trip. there was a lot of driving at 100km/hr, but just for the record, the second section of the journey, Carmilla to Marlborough (drove at 100km/hr), is very similar to the first section (80km/hr) I drove these similar sections at the different speeds to show the difference. Drove 135km and used 78%. Chargefox recorded 25.08kWh going back in. This makes 18.6kWh per 100km at 100km/hr. It was also said 'Unfortunately the wind picked up (head wind) and so this is not an accurate comparison.'