Off Grid Inverter Power Consumption & Efficiency

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Posted: 07:53am 17 Jan 2023      

I have been testing this for the last few days and taken short video clips so I can check it again and the numbers are the same, not surprised if the meters are a little out.

I have an old (2015 model) PIP 4048HS (Voltronic) inverter in the shed and the also the home built inverter, from the "Another Inverter Build" thread.

Its well known the idle consumption of 50w on these (used to be low cost) HF type inverter's is horrible on the 48v version.
So decided to see if it still holds true under load.
Idle at 54v =50w, this is not shown on the inverter display but a clamp meter will see the 1Amp from the battery, I Turn a heater on, that makes a 31A load at battery and display (confirmed with clamp meter), display watts 1.52kw out, battery volts 52.4, battery consumption  1624w = 100w loss.

Now the heater is at the end of the cable, perhaps 60m away, I connected a power meter close to the heater and it was reading 220vac  1480w so a loss of 40w, there is some power loss in this length of cable I can tell because it will warm up a little over time.

The home built inverter had 26w Idle consumption, ideal for standby and occasional Heavy motor starts, hands down beats the PIP 4048HS inverter in this situation for shed use, that's why I built it.

But The PIP 4048HS inverter might be a more efficient with loads of 500w to 1500w orso.
I might be building another inverter for the house with Peak efficiency between 300w to 1500w as thats where most of the loads are.

Anyone else have some different Peak Efficiency figures?
Cheers Aaron
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