Off Grid Inverter Power Consumption & Efficiency

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Posted: 09:58am 28 Jan 2023      

Thanks Nicks, that looks great.
Its interesting how it works out, the bigger loads are much better and inline with what I have been told when I started my build.
I see Measurement 1: at 78%   would be mostly inductive loads, and Measurement 3: is doing very well at 93.8%

Looking through some of my notes and photos from previous test runs, this is the Mad Inverter running in the shed, it has a C core type transformer, so not as good as a Toroidal transformer but still quite capable.
Some loads, measured at AC output and power used from battery.
137w ac    177w    =77%

500w ac   626w   =79%

1656w ac    1824w   =90%

2022w ac   2245w   =90%    Running a kettle to make a cup of coffee....

500 watts and lower, the efficiency gets clobbered, most of the house loads are within the 100w -500w range and running most of the time over night, large Fridge and a Deep freezer, and many other little things.
Not sure if I can improve on the lower wattage loads....will do some more testing in the future.