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Hi Doug,

MMB4L is currently version 2022.01.00 alpha 4, but to all intents and purposes I'm considering it to just be version 0.4, and I'll be calling the next release plain-old 0.5.

   - look at the "Assets" under each release for the downloads for x86, x86_64 and armv6l (Raspberry Pi's)

It strives to have language compatibility with the core* language of MMBasic 5.07 though is currently missing a couple of the latest additions to the MATH and MEMORY commands that Peter put in the PicoMite f/w.

* At this time it doesn't have GPIO support or high-res graphics.

Development of version 0.5 is well advanced ( but it's basically just bug-fixes, tweaks and improvements under the hood c.f. alpha 4. The one "headline item" (though it hardly deserves that accolade) is that it will do Tab completion of paths at the command prompt.

  panky said  I am running Mint 20.1 and am very interested in your project.

I have confidence it will work on that platform, if it doesn't then please let me know.

  panky said  Also if I can assist in any way with testing, am very happy to do.

Thanks, but I think it's the nature of MMB4L that for the foreseeable future every release will be a test release so there isn't any great point in providing "early access", it would just add to my overhead.

Best wishes,

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