SPI device needs LSBit First

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Posted: 12:30am 30 Jan 2023      

Thanks Peter,
I am using the STM32H743ZIT6 or STM32H743ZIT6U chips with ArmmiteH7V5.50.11 or ArmmiteH7V5.07.00b16

The Chip I am trying to talk with is a MAXQ1061 Cryptographic co processor.

"The MAXQ1061 can act as an SPI slave device. Characters conveyed over the SPI bus are transmitted least-significant bit first, using SPI Mode 0. SPI supports bitrates up to 1Mbps. Clock settings are CPOL=0 (Clock low when inactive), CPHA=0 (Data valid on clock leading edge)"

This is the bitswap algorithm I wrote  TxPayload%() MSB in TXData%() LSB out.

for x% = 1 to ByteLength% 'Chip requires LSBit first
       for y% = 0 to 7
         TXData%(x%) = TXData%(x%)<<1
         TXData%(x%) = TXData%(x%) or (TxPayload%(x%)<<(63-y%))>>63
       next y%
     next x%

Attached are PDFs of the MOSI + CLK DSO image and MISO + CLK DSO image of the response from the chip.

The chip response is not what is expected.

MAX1061 MOSI + CLK.pdf

MAX1061 MISO + CLK.pdf