SPI device needs LSBit First

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Posted: 01:32am 30 Jan 2023      

Forgot to state the data sent to chip

Hex to chip TxPayload%()
AA 00 F2 00 07 80 13

LSBit sent first TXData%() - BIN sent to SPI Write function
01010101 00000000 01001111 00000000 11100000 00000001 11001000

Hex Response from chip with 10 bytes read after converting back to MSB
55 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

I get lots of different incorrect responses from the chip depending on what command I send or often no response at all.

The problem is either a protocol issue or a SPI communication issue.  The protocol has been checked, the CRC calculation checked, just running out of ideas??

I am currently waiting on technical support from analog.com, but they takes weeks to even reply.

The chip is under an NDA, so I can not sent you the full data sheets.