HY3200sei Generator stoped working

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Posted: 09:11am 25 Jan 2023      

Just when I had it all together my inverter stopped working...
this is the unit (for reference):

The unit is bought in december 2019 and now has about 900 working hours.

A few days ago I had the inverter running all day with a 1700W load (eltek psu).
No problems, 10h with a refill. I let it run till empty.

Next day I refill the tank and tried to start it, but nothing...

I checked and cleaned the carburator (it was clean) and spark plug (tried 2 new ones), made sure there was a spark, no problem there.

I don't know what I could do next to check. Elektric or with the pull cord made no difference for starting the engine.

I also checked the stepper motors, the choke or inlet servo worked and blocked the entrance for maximum gasoline intake.
The other for the rpm/speed control did not move but I tried all sorts of positions.

Although there are sparks, I suspect the ignition coil to be bad, the primary was about 1R (difficult to measure that low) and the secondary was 15K, if I explore google it should read more like 10K? So the coil might be bad, it might not be powerfull enough anymore to start the engine.

I think I don't here explosion so the gas is not igniting?  

It's just freezing point (0-2C) over here, I noticed the inverter needs more warming up time before I hit the switch. I could try to heat up the motor block to see if it's making a difference.

So I was searching for a new ignition coil but nothing found on that serial number.
I ordered a new coil from aliexpress for a different generator.

This should be capable to start a 200cc motor, anyone that can educate me on the differences between all different kinds of coils? They all look the same to me, what can there be so different, besides the inductance?

Any tips for further examination? I can use some help.

I now have a small generator running that's making more noise then power.... So I will need a new solution (generator) if I can't make it work again.
I want to stay off grid, a stirling engine that I can heat with wood looks ideal or biogas or h2 generation in summer and consumption in winter...
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