HY3200sei Generator stoped working

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Posted: 02:20pm 26 Jan 2023      

Thanks guys, the wd40 everywhere trick for lubricating the valve cylinders worked.
I've got the unit working again at idle, I Will crank up the power this evening.

Now let's find out how long?
Sure this Will happen again I guess?

How can I avoid it? So running the tank empty is a bad idea? Better to shut it of by the switch?

Edit, I've got this running at 1500W load at the moment, I hope it can last this winter. Days are getting longer so as the solar production, fingers crossed.

It would be neat to run this unit on gas as well, or even better running it on biogas from a home digester or wood gassifier.
Ok for now, stresslevel is going down, time to finish other projects to keep the wife happy .
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