HY3200sei Generator stoped working

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Posted: 02:05pm 09 Feb 2023      

  Revlac said  Looks like a stuck exhaust valve, usually they can get sticky and sometimes free up if wound over very fast with a fair bit of oil poured down the plug hole, ┬ábut a really stuck valve could be a different story.
A good soak in oil might help free it up, unless there is some other damage, hopefully the valve seat is not out of place, if it has an insert.

agree. if the spring is OK, might be the valve seat is cracked - when they crack, they tend to close up diameter a bit and can grip the valve stem.

I think whatever, you're gonna be taking the head off for a closer look - at least then you'll now for certain what the condition is like

my 2p

EDIT: oh.     glad you got it working
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