HY3200sei Generator stoped working

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Posted: 08:42am 12 Feb 2023      


  nickskethisniks said  

It would be neat to run this unit on gas as well, or even better running it on biogas from a home digester or wood gassifier.

It will run ok on gas, you should have some upper cylinder lube when running gas of any type, I have used LPG with an oil drip (was already connected in the Subaru engine bay), there are kits around that can be setup for any engine, although I have never bought one, it wouldn't be difficult to rig one up.

Its Always good to have a few alternative energy sources around as access to fuel and power can be lost at any time, I have run Woodgass for a few years, not the usual wood gassifier type, this one made gas and charcoal, the gas was cleaned filtered and compressed into gas cylinders (need a lot of them) and ready for use as needed, with a gas carby adjusted correctly it was just easy to turn the tap on the regulator and start the engine same as you would with petrol.
It may not be worth the effort ATM, but when The SHTF it might be.
Another worthy option is Flash Steam, all the waist heat can be used to heat the house if in a could climate area, type of generator to be used is another story.

I sometimes have a load of spoiled fruit and vegetables, one day I would like to try and make some alcohol out of it and run an old engine, would be better to use one of those water filters on the fuel line.