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Posted: 02:06am 31 Jan 2023      

Yes, one of the reasons I never buy from RS anymore is simply their freight charges.
It gets even worse then the prices you stated, once you go international.

Glad I'm not the only one.
I haven't ordered from them in ages, and would still use them as a last resort, cos I know their parts are good and genuine etc, but so long as I can get cheaper from places like element14, well......

To be fair to RS, it might be out of their hands to some extent - maybe.
I know that for me, sending things internationally can only be done here in NZ via NZ Post for airmail stuff, or DHL/FedEx if you want fast delivery.  It was about $100 for DHL last time I used it, and even UNTRACKED airmail is still about $30.

That's in kiwi-money, but it is still expensive.  It's probably only going to get worse as the inflation they are predicting for 2023 hits.  Perhaps it won't, but I guess that is wishful thinking.