Toriod build/inverter build

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Posted: 07:34am 07 Feb 2023      

good to see.

If you have a CRO or DSO, have a look on a few pins on the IR2148
when you press the "run" button.
Check Pin 1 for PWM output from the nano, should be 5V pulses
Check pin 4 for the low side drive, should be the inverse of pin 1
and at 15V too.

Notice that the two gate drive chips are not aligned the same way.
One is up and one is down.

Vfb will be a bit tricky to set.
I always use a bench supply so I can take it up
from about 30V seeing the output AC voltage. The trimpot needs to be set
to your desired output voltage and sometimes the trimpot is set already
to make the inverter output way too much.