Pico RP2040 H-Bridge Inverter - Revisited

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Here is the layout for one 1/2Bridge power module, it uses four mosfets, two in each H0, L0 positions, they mount off the pcb bolted to the case back panel of 5mm thick alloy.
A minimum of two modules are required to create a single H-Bridge, copper bars bolt between modules for +100 and 0v.
I haven't a circuit for this part as its more mechanical and somewhat self explanatory. Obviously components rated for whatever battery voltage will be used, snubber components are there incase, I will be leaving them off initially.

Top 100 x 100:


Power Board Mosfet Drivers:
Small 45 x 45mm pcb's containing the "E-Opto" isolated drivers blob solder vertically directly across the mosfet pins, this achieves short direct mosfet drive signal paths.
Each module has its own 1 watt 12-12v isolated PSU for total isolation back to the main CPU board. The pcb's are 1.2mm thick and easily cut in half to give the 2 boards, the lower L0 driver links to the H0 driver by twisted pair wires.
Note the lower L0 SPWM drive is reversed from the H0, thus creating the inter-lock drive, there is provision for adding a dead-time capacitor, C15, I won't be using it as the dead-time is created on the CPU board.


Both Boards:

I will be sending this lot away to get PCB's in about 4 weeks, so will be some time before the build starts.