How NOT to adjust an 1100/1300 distributor....

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This one resulted in some.....shall we say, bad language.

1973 Morris 1300 - same engine and gearbox arrangement as in the 1100 series, or ALL of the classic Mini cars.

Chum of mine was trying to reset the dizzy drive that comes off the camshaft, as the dizzy was out when we got the car, and we had no idea if the dizzy was in the correct place for firing on #1.

Pulled out the dizzy drive with a strong magnet, and then tried to put it back in with the same magnet.

Did not use the correct method, where you are SUPPOSED to screw a bolt into the thread on this thing, then offer it up.  With the bolt in hand, the drive cannot get away.  With no bolt, it can - and it did.

While trying to line it up with a magnet on a stick and a screwdriver, the dizzy drive unit dropped into the gearbox........

To fix this, we now have to remove the entire engine/box, remove the clutch and clutch-cover + drop-gears, separate the engine from the box, retrieve the dizzy drive from inside the gearbox and replace it, re-mate the engine with the box, replace the drop-gears, clutch and cover and then replace the assembly back in the car.

....all to get back to where we were before.

I post this thread just so others can have a bit of a giggle at our misfortune.
Don't EVER forget to screw that bolt into the dizzy drive, or this could happen to you, and boy - does it add some major work to what was supposed to be a simple resetting of the timing.

Rather a lot of extra work for a few seconds inattention.
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