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How do you spend the time it takes to charge?
Most of the time is spent talking to people. Sometimes they are there hindering setup/ plugging in. Just back at Childers one parked in my access way right when I was about to go, we then talked for about 15-20 min.
Toilet is a good stop.
Write the blog, on a phone takes me ages. Some charge stops it doesn't get done.
Sometimes cook and eat. Though I didn't bring cooking gear this time. Rare, I will walk to buy something to eat.
Check emails, business still happens.
Sometimes charge points don't work or for some reason you have to find another one. I missed Miriam Vale because I saw on plugshare 2 Tesla's stranded. I knew I would not get access to the outlet till some time this morning if I went there. If a charger doesn't work, you have to report it, that can take a very long time. If you don't report it, it won't get on the fix me list.
Sometimes there are car issues. Here at Gympie for the first 1/2 hr I unloaded the gear to remove the cover over my chargers. One didn't work from Rockhampton. I thought it was the outlet, then again at Mt Larcom, but last night at Childers I knew it had to be in the vehicle. The CAN charger wasn't working just now but this morning at Childers it was working - that's the charger that does the balancing.
Sometimes you get to check out some commercial EV's and listen to the stories of what others are up to. One fellow in Brisbane had a reservation on a Tesla but when Elon said something on Twitter that he didn't like, he cancelled his reservation and went to Jaguar and bought an Ipace, with every option $150,000 plus.

What battery bank size do you have in T-Rev?
48 cells x 200Ah Thundersky Winston LYP.
Roughly 28kWh.

What is your maximum range?
That depends on many factors.......
Road conditions
Drive train / tyre pressure = friction

Generally speaking I say 200km in T-Rev with a totally empty pack at 100km/hr.

The specs you find on a commercial EV is some highway & some town speeds mix. Talking with commercial EV owners, say real world is much less than their specs.