PicoMite: can we explain/fix "ticking" when using PLAY SOUND

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Hi folks,

I've noticed this before and I think I and/or @Volhout(?) may have mentioned it when I posted my music engine code, but this definitely has a morse-code like "ticking" in the background and it's not just on the note changes, or at least not on every note change - increasing the PAUSE duration does increase the delay between ticks.

 play sound 1,b,s,523,20
 Pause 400
 play sound 1,b,s,423,20
 Pause 400

This is particularly noticeable with a crappy 20mm speaker driven by a PAM8403 even with Volhout's hi-fi filter - making me think I'm not going to be able to use PLAY SOUND on my portable device.

It is also noticeable on my PicoGAME VGA 1.4 with the original PicoMite audio filter with the sound going through a TV amp/speaker - so I think this is an issue with (this use of) PLAY SOUND rather than something specific to any particular hardware arrangement.

Any thoughts,

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